megaSun is providing the best services in the region.

megaSun is providing the best services in the region. We are always present at all market conferences and symposiums to stay on top of changing technology, new equipment, new features and the most recent trends in indoor tanning segment.

Our aim is not only to provide luxurious and safe tanning solutions, but our aspiration was to create a holistic feel-good experience that is why we only import the latest tanning beds directly from Germany. This equipment is known for the use of latest technology and its precision. Therefore, you will only see tanning equipment from Megasun by KBL and megaSun tanning salons .


We are probably the only tanning studio in the region also to offer a unique EasyCare system, which determines clients’ melanin levels and automatically adjusts time and amount of light exposure correct for their skin tone.

7900 Alpha Deluxe


Luxury in its most beautiful form. Surrounding yourself with special things, especially when it comes to your own appearance. The 7900 alpha deluxe gives you a perfect tan and a fresh‐looking complexion with the help of six high‐performance extra- Sunlight lamps and 40 beautyBoosters.

Luxury for the skin and the soul. Beauty and success go hand in hand. Mastering everyday life, enjoying the sunny side of life and knowing exactly what you need to pamper your body and soul – thereby giving yourself the gift of pure luxury.

pureENERGY 5.0


Tower constitutes an utterly distinct world of solariums. They offer all the options you would expect from a modern solarium and are particularly space-saving. A maximum of power, technology and design. With illuminated acrylic cover, attention-grabbing front section, exclusive and eye-catching in its features, as well as unsurpassed power performance-wise.

A translucent ceiling lighting and an eye-catching front, exclusive and sensational in the attributes, as well as unsurpassed powerful in performance.

5600 Series

Their proportions are dynamic and clear, their details refined. The Solarium megaSun 5600 offers everything you would expect from a high-class unit — great variety at an attractive price. The front section with its dynamic LED borders including colourMotion looks full of energy, fascinating and adapts perfectly to any studio atmosphere.

More than just pretty design! The design promises a smooth transition from outside to inside. A sweeping line connects as it flows over the ceiling lining of the unit to the interface between the user and the solarium. First-class sunbathing with plenty of room to feel free!